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New products

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In late 1999, Jose Antonio Gomez opened "Jewelry Mayor" exclusively dedicated to the sale and repair of gold items. We are dedicated since by and for our customers. Over time, we have been greatly increasing our stock and services.

Already in 2008 we decided to expand the business into the sector of silver and complements opening a new store, "Maggiore Accessories" that although it is located next to the jewelry always prefered to bet not mix and give the new opening one more modern and edgy look that contrasted with traditional jewelry with which we worked until then, obtaining very good results and great acceptance by the public. To this must be added the competitive prices that we have always wanted to work in both stores.

In this second establishment we have preferred to work with the most prestigious brands in the country, introducing silver, steel, watches and accessories, giving it a minimalist look with exclusive hideaways for each manufacturer.

In addition, in "Mayor Jewelry" we are in continuous movement and wanted to make the leap to the Internet. With our Online "" shop our stores to try to bring our customers more quickly, comfortably and easily, to further improve our services, if possible.

With all this, the only thing we pursue is to give the greatest service to anyone who comes to us well in our physical stores or in the Online Shop. A satisfied customer is a loyal customer. We are convinced that If you visit us . . . you will return.

With all this, the company KUBICA MAYOR S.L. was founded to which the entire contents of this web, both images and text, logos, etc. belongs

That company is registered in the Companies Register in Volume 1005, Folio 191, Sheet M-20788-H. whose data are:

CIF es B21528039
Offices: Calle Ancha,131
21100 Punta Umbría-Huelva
Phone: 959313062.
Kúvika Mayor S.L. has the authorization of the owners of the brands sold on this website to be displayed.